Sunday, August 03, 2014

Are You Learning

Hi Faithful Readers:
P Michael Biggs here.  I've had a serious change in schedule in my life recently and that is cutting into my writing time.  For now, I'll be letting this post rest.  There is a history here of almost three years of past blogs that make for some insightful reading and I encourage you to partake as you wish.   

I would also direct you to two of my other blog sights that you may enjoy.

Also, I've published an eBook on Kindle taken from past The "Almost a Minute" Blog posts.  It is called "60 Ideas in 60 Minutes" and sells for only $.99.  Get yours today if you wish. 

And now ... the blog.  


Education continues after the diploma whether we like it or not.  And there are tests along the way to determine how good of a student we continue to be.

Do trials plague you?  Good.  What are you learning from them?

Has life taken a few twists you didn’t expect?  Good.  Learn something from those twists and turns and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Some of us face divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, home eviction, arrest and imprisonment, disappointing kids and a whole passel of other life issues.

So what do we learn from each setback?

Ah, that is what you have to figure out for yourself.

Happy learning!

P Michael Biggs
Offering Up-Moments
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