Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why Are You

The picture captures the important truth. 

Number One:  You were born.  That is worth celebrating.  Happy day that one was. 

And now …

The WHY!

What can you do better than most?  What gets you out of bed and drives you to your work place? 

Mine is simple ... I want to encourage someone today.  That is why I get up early most days of the week and visit my quiet space.  I want to get better at encouraging others.  And I can do it in a hundred ways, with thousands of words, and tens of thousands of small acts.

Why are YOU?

Offering Hope
One Word at a Time

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Power of Love - Take 2

Love has the kind of power
criticism only wishes it had
~Bob Goff

This picture demands that you take more than a passing glance at it and really contemplate what it means.

I’m not moved by criticism.
I am moved by love.

I’m not motivated by your 
cynical and snide remarks.
I am motivated by 
your words of esteem 
and good will and love.

Love has power!
     ~POWER to move mountains
     ~Cause actions and reactions
     ~Move a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’

Have you recently considered the power of love?

Offering Hope
One Word at a Time

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Your Dose of Reality

What is your dose of reality?  

Perhaps it is this …

Your reality is your own concept of who you
are.  Other people’s opinion of you have no bearing on the subject.  If you really want to let others rule your life, determine your goals, your objectives, and how you conduct your life, then go ahead and relinquish control.  You could to that, you know, but I wouldn’t. 

Here’s the point – ten different people will have ten different takes on YOUR life.  They each only consider a snippet, a miniscule capture out of your daily play-book.  If they catch you in a bad moment and determine that view as your life, what a travesty.

Please – don’t become a slave to other’s opinions of you. 

You are somebody unique.  Be THAT somebody.

Offering Hope
One Word at a Time