Monday, December 19, 2016


I understand the word “reconciled”.  I’ve had relationships that have been reconciled and a few that were never reconciled.

The simple meaning of this word is – joined – resolved – squared.

I’ve dabbled in some simple carpentry projects.  I still have a bookcase I made in shop class in the ninth grade.  It still stands.  The joints are still joined – they are reconciled.

A Christmas phrase jumped on me this morning in my writing time. 

God and sinner reconciled

I suppose the short meaning of this is for our need to be squared with God.  To be joined and have our connection resolved. 

That is how I want to live.  I want to be reconciled with God.

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Sound of Love

I love the sound of love. 

It is in the giggle of a little girl discovering her favorite doll from Santa.

It is the squeal of a nine-year-old finding his dream bicycle with red fenders, a ring-a-ling bell and white seat.

It is the lady opening the small package and finding the perfect earrings as she whispers across the room “I love you” to her special man.

It is the laughter of a family joke at some silly gift that continually gets passed around each year.

And love sounds like eight people talking at once, three kids chattering and excitedly exploring their newest toy, and the soft brush of hands touching as a man and a woman lovely hold each other’s hand for a brief moment around the Christmas tree. 

These are the sounds of love.  Listen for them this Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Christmas in a Common World

God among the common.  Can you picture that?

He sent angels to common shepherds who tended common sheep. 

He chose Mary, a common fourteen-year-old virgin.

He chose a common carpenter named Joseph to be the father to His son.

He chose Bethlehem.  There were, perhaps, no more common towns than Bethlehem for the birth of God’s son.  The scriptures refer to it as “lowly Bethlehem.”

Even the night on which Christ was born was mostly common, except for that one bright star that seemed to appear and settle over Bethlehem. 

Yes, God chose common elements and common animals and people, yet the story was as uncommon as we could ever want to hear. 

The love that was proclaimed in this story is of the most uncommon kind.
The redemption offered is unheard-of in the realms of mankind’s quest for reconciliation.

Yes – his was an uncommon birth, for a King.  Who would have thought a crude manger, some less-than-perfect strips of cloth and a bed of hay would be the bed of the King? 

Every element of the Christmas story was uncommon – except the baby himself.  He was royalty.  He was divinely God and divinely man.

And he brought light to the world.  He brought joy and peace, salvation and redemption. 

He brought joy to the world.

What an uncommon way to launch a movement.  And aren’t we glad he did.
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