Sunday, May 31, 2015

Drill Salesmen Sell Holes

I’ve owned two drills in my lifetime.  I bought them, not because I needed to own a drill.  Rather, I bought them because I sometimes need holes.  Drills make holes.

I work in a bank.  People come to me, not because they need another banker in their life.  They come because they trust me, and they like doing business with someone they like and trust.  It is a trust issue, not a ‘bank’ issue.

What do you sell? 

I’m in a marriage to Carolyn because I love being in relationship with her, not because I need to be married and have a marriage certificate.

It is the “WHY” of the thing that matters the most.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Importance of Honor

In the realm of great people skills the mindset of “Honor” rises to the top. 

Honor is all about respect, admiration, reputation, and tribute.

When we honor someone we pay them a great tribute.  We validate them, and the search for validation is at the top of the list for mankind today.

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said this: 

“Fail to honor people 
and they will fail to honor you.”

When involved in a group effort, the greatest thing a leader can say is this:

“Look what we did.”


This is respect of the highest order.

P Michael Biggs
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enjoy the Silence

I’m taking a yoga class on Monday nights.  I need it for the physiological and the psychological benefits.  My favorite part of Yoga is at the end when the room is quiet and we do a complete body relaxation exercise.  We tell each part of our body to relax and let go. 

I've spent a large part of my life in church work.  Church people sometimes have trouble with silence.  Seems we want to fill the void with sound, noise and movement. 

I like the silent times in my life.  I want to think my own thoughts, pay attention to my body and how it feels and how it is responding.  And even pray or meditate.

Silence is good – very good!

P Michael Biggs
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

When You Fall

One of the best kept secrets of super effective individuals is this:

When you fall, get back up.

Cow boys get thrown off horses all the time.  And they get back up and ride again.

Ice skaters fall every day.  And they get back up and skate again.

I never get far from this:  Just because you made a mistake does not mean you are a failure.

We learn.
We grow.
We get back up.

Class dismissed.

P Michael Biggs
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Saturday, May 02, 2015

How I Feel

If I looked like I feel, I’d be worth a million bucks. 

This is a simple principle, yet one worthy of thought. 

It is summed up best here.

Looks come and go.  They can change daily.  Have a good hair day and you are on top.  Have a bad hair day and look out.

But what kind of inside job is at play?  What is your value of self?  What are your thoughts and conversations like inside your mind. 

Ah, that is the critical piece.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Up-Moments
One Moment at a Time