Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How Can We?

How can we?  What a timely question that needs to be asked in every area of our lives. 

The extension of the question is “How can we
-Do better
-Build a better widget
-Lose weight
-Buy a new house
-Get a better job
-Have a better marriage

The list is endless for this ponderable thought. 

It becomes the beginning for our goals and dreams.  It’s the launching pad for whatever it is we want to do to improve life.

My friend Chuck has a very successful retail store in South Carolina.  After being in this family business for thirty-plus years his family has constantly asked “How can we …?

They keep finding answers, for they are in their fourth location, and each one has been bigger and better than before, and the business continues to grow.

Individuals and organizations of worth ask this question constantly.

What about you?

What are your How Can I questions?

Just something to make us think.