Friday, August 10, 2018

Bring What You've Got

Bring What You’ve Got

Bring what you’ve got.  Probably not the best usage of English, but my point is made.

If you and I enter into a friendship, I’ll bring all of what I’ve got.  I’m not perfect.  I snore sometimes, I have a hairy back, I have attitudes and beliefs that may not completely gel with yours and I have a skill set that you may or may not appreciate.  And I vote along lines that you may or may not agree.  Hope that is okay.

Yet I bring the whole package into our friendship.  And that’s okay.  If, after meeting me, you decide to say and be my friend, well and good. 

We are two individuals who happen to meet along the way.  If a good and lasting friendship survives our differences, well and good.  This is all I have to offer.  This is who you and I are.

Oh, and bring ALL of you too.

Won’t you be my friend anyway?

Something to think on,
in less than 60 seconds.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope